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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Water Walking in Water Zorbz

Is the equipment cleaned before we get it?
Yes. All of our equipment is inspected, cleaned, sanitized & disinfected after use. You will always get clean, fresh smelling equipment to have TONS of FUN in.

Are you insured?
Yes, we have a $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 total liability insurance policy in force.

How safe is water walking for my children?
It’s VERY safe. Much safer than the average playground or children’s swimming pool. First of all, the water in our pools is very shallow. Only about 1.5 feet deep. Your child is protected 360˚ while inside one of our water balls but if the situation should ever arise where assistance is needed…it’s immediate. Our operator/life guards are trained in CPR and first aid. Our safety record to date is 100%!

What will you charge to set up the Water Walking Balls for my store’s Grand Opening?
Actually, there’s no charge for the Water Zorbz, or their set up, as long your Grand Opening (or other event) will last for at least 4 days. Also, we require a flat area such as a parking lot to set up our pool(s), with a minimum area of 50’ x 50’ for each pool.

So you guys just do this for FREE?
Well, no. Even though part of the reward for doing this is hearing the laughter and watching the smiling faces of our water walking guests, this is a business. We do sell tickets to our guests who wish to ‘play’ in one of our Water Zorbz.

What are the age restrictions. My dad wants to try this?
Anyone from age 6 thru 70 can ‘walk on water’.

Are there any weight restrictions?
No more than 250 lbs total weight inside the ‘walk on water’ ball.

Can these balls get a puncture?
In the unlikely event of a puncture, the ball will deflate very slowly. It will not suddenly deflate and will maintain buoyancy for quite some time.

Well, can it burst?
No. The ball is not inflated using high pressure air, just a gentle stream of cool air is used for inflation.

What are the dimensions and specifications of these water balls?
‘Walk on water’ balls are approximately 6’ 6” in diameter and are made of strong, high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The TPU material is environmentally friendly, odorless, tasteless, with good UV light resistance, and a high resistance to heat.

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