Are you ready to have TONS of FUN?

Do you want to walk on water?

Call for info (949) 412-9801

One FREE admission to the Orange County Market Place Courtesy of TONS OF FUN.

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Coupon must be validated at the TONS OF FUN Water Balls pavillion near gate 10.
Walking on water is one of the safest “fun times” your child can have. It’s an exhilarating 5 minutes of walking, running, tumbling, fumbling, and rolling around on top of the water in one of our giant thermoplastic polyurethane inflatable bubbles.

Yes, walking on water is
tons of fun…but it’s not just for young people. Parents can enjoy the fun too…and they’ll get a good aerobic workout while playing with their kids. Challenge your kids to see who can stay upright the longest or run the farthest without tumbling to the floor of your bubble. The kids will probably win, right, but you’ll both have a ball…in our giant water balls.

You think this is easy…NO WAY!

But it sure is TONS of FUN!